S5300-24S8T6X Managed Switch Introduction

Overview of the S5300-24S8T6X Managed switch

The S5300-24S8T6X managed switch is designed with 24 SFP+ 10GbE ports, 8 SFP+ 10GbE/25GbE/40GbE ports, and 6 QSFP+ 40GbE/100GbE ports, allowing up to 8 units for stacking. The S5300-24S8T6X managed switch delivers an impressive 184 Gbps throughput. Accompanied by a great Forwarding Rate of 138 Mpps (Million Packets Per Second). Besides, the S5300-24S8T6X switch is equipped with 1+1 redundant hot-swappable power supplies and one built-in intelligent fan to ensure uninterrupted power availability and heat dissipation. Supports CLI/Telnet/SSH/SSL/SNMP/WEB for easy management to ensure effortlessly configuration, monitoring, and maintain the switch, thereby reducing the complexity of network management tasks and saving valuable time and resources.

Advanced Layer3 Features


The S5300-24S8T6X L3 switch supports advanced networking protocols and features, making it a versatile and future-proof solution for various industry needs. One of its notable capabilities is its support for the IPv6 protocol, which enables seamless integration with modern networks that adopt the latest IP addressing standards. With this support, the switch ensures smooth communication and connectivity for IPv6-enabled devices and networks.


Furthermore, the S5300-24S8T6X networking switch embraces Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), facilitating the creation of aggregated links to increase bandwidth and enhance network performance. This feature enables the switch to combine multiple physical ports into a logical link, distributing traffic evenly across the link and maximizing network efficiency.


To enhance network convergence and provide fast failure detection, the S5300-24S8T6X managed switch incorporates Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) technology. BFD enables rapid detection of link or path failures, allowing for quick rerouting and minimizing network downtime. This capability is particularly valuable in time-sensitive applications or environments where uninterrupted network connectivity is crucial.

Ethernet Ring Protection Switching

In addition, the S5300-24S8T6X managed switch features Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), a technology designed to protect against link or node failures in ring topologies. ERPS provides sub-50ms failover times, enabling rapid network recovery and minimizing service disruptions.


For enhanced network availability and resilience, the  S5300-24S8T6X L3 switch supports Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). VRRP enables the creation of a virtual IP address that can be shared among a group of routers, ensuring seamless failover in the event of a router failure and maintaining continuous network connectivity.


The S5300-24S8T6X managed switch offers robust Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities, provides granular control over the network, and prioritizes critical traffic in diverse network environments. By implementing QoS on the S5300-24S8T6X networking switch, organizations can optimize their network performance, minimize latency and packet loss, and deliver a reliable and consistent user experience.

Benefits of the S5300-24S8T6X Managed Switch

Improved Network Performance and Reliability

The S5300-24S8T6X managed switch provides high-speed connectivity and a robust backplane architecture, ensuring efficient data transfer and reduced latency. Its advanced switching capabilities optimize network traffic, leading to improved performance and reduced bottlenecks. With Quality of Service (QoS) features, the S5300-24S8T6X distribution switch prioritizes critical applications and ensures smooth operation even during peak network usage.

Simplified Network Management and Configuration

The S5300-24S8T6X aggregation switch offers a user-friendly management interface, making it easy to configure and monitor network settings. It supports various management protocols and features, including SNMP, SSH, and Web-based management, allowing for flexible and convenient administration. The S5300-24S8T6X managed switch also supports virtualization technologies like VLAN and VxLAN, enabling efficient network segmentation and resource optimization.

Enhanced Security for Sensitive Data

The S5300-24S8T6X campus switch incorporates robust security features to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.

It supports Access Control Lists (ACLs), port security, and Secure Shell (SSH) encryption, ensuring secure communication and preventing unauthorized network access. The switch also offers advanced threat detection and prevention mechanisms, such as IP Source Guard and DHCP Snooping, to safeguard against network attacks and vulnerabilities.

Future-Proof Investment with Scalability Options:

The S5300-24S8T6X layer 3 switches are designed with scalability, allowing businesses to expand their networks as needed. It supports stacking, combining multiple switches into a single logical unit, simplifying network management, and increasing capacity. The S5300-24S8T6X campus switch is also compatible with various expansion modules, offering additional ports and functionality to meet evolving network requirements.

Applications of S5300-24S8T6X Managed Switch 

The S5300-24S8T6X aggregation switch is a versatile networking solution that finds application in various industries and environments. Here are some common use cases.

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

The S5300-24S8T6X campus switch is an ideal choice for SMBs looking to establish a reliable and high-performance network infrastructure. It provides the necessary scalability to accommodate growing business needs while offering cost-effective solutions with PoE support. SMBs can benefit from the switch’s advanced security features to protect sensitive data and ensure network integrity.

Enterprise Networks

Large-scale enterprises can leverage the S5300-24S8T6X managed switch to build robust and efficient networks that can handle heavy workloads. The switch’s advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 functionality enable seamless integration with existing network architectures. Its scalability options, such as stacking and expansion modules, allow enterprises to expand their networks and accommodate future growth.

Data Centers

In data center environments, the S5300-24S8T6X networking switch plays a crucial role in ensuring high-speed connectivity and efficient data transfer. It’s high throughput and low latency capabilities support data-intensive applications and facilitate smooth operation within the data center infrastructure.

The switch’s advanced features, including VLAN and VxLAN support, aid in network segmentation and resource optimization.


In conclusion, the S5300-24S8T6X managed switch is a powerful and feature-rich networking solution that offers numerous benefits for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Its key features, including port configuration, high-speed performance, advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 functionality, enhanced security, and scalability, make it an excellent choice for modern networking environments.

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